Political Situation of LGBT People

LGBT people face discriminations in many ways, like in mass media, school, and work, and that’s why organization like GLAAD exists, to monitor and help improve LGBT people’s everyday life. However, there are some LGBT-related political issues that are still waiting to be solved. It is very complicated and time-consuming since many of these issues are related to the law and the political competition of different political groups. In this post, I will focus on one of the most important and well-discussed LGBT- related issues, which is same-sex marriage. In this post, I will go through the reasons of why same-sex marriages should be legalized. Continue reading

Help Resources for LGBT People

As the previous posts of mine explained, because of the negative image of LGBT, LGBT people faced self-identification and interpersonal relationship building problems. At the same time, the families and friends of LGBT people faced much pressure from the society, too. It is important for LGBT people to recognize all the important help resources in different stages of life.

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So Close But Yet So Far – LGBT And AIDS

Yes, I know the years when it is widely believed that AIDS is a disease which only spread between LGBT people are long gone.

Yes, I know research showed that LGBT people are not necessarily under higher risks of getting HIV than any other communities.

But don’t expect these facts to be absolute common sense, at least not when AIDS becomes the headline of the newspaper or focus of the public out of any reason.

Let’s go through a recent example. Continue reading

Find The Hand Your Want to Hold onto – LGBT Relationships Building

Hands of an interracial, international and gay coupleAs LGBT people, entering relationships could be much the same as heterosexual people entering heterosexual relationships, but could be much more difficult in some occasions, too. Though it is not the era where LGBT people have to meet each other in public restrooms and theaters, the opportunities for LGBT people to know other LGBT people are still very limited, let alone dating or building long-term relationships.

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Squeeze Out of the Closet, Face Families

Families mean the world and sometimes are the world. The relationships seem to be unbreakable, with respect for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until death do us apart.

“Not always true when they find out that you are gay.” One of my former colleagues in Taiwan LGBT hotline joked, Continue reading

Hurt And Sorrow- Struggling of LGBT Youth

Bobby Griffith was a gentle, handsome, hardworking young man with love and belief. He realized that he was gay when he was 15, and started years of struggle with the conflict between his religion and sexual orientation. He tried to tell his mother, Mary Griffith, but she declined to listen, and kept asking him to receive treatment and pray for his sinful thought. From that point on, Bobby had to choice but fight alone.

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